What I Can Do

I'll handle all elements involved in establishing your online presence. From buying an affordable domain to hosting to web design and copywriting. It can seem complex and expensive but I promise - it doesn't have to be. I have experience in all aspects. You're in good hands.

Here is what I can do:

Buying A Domain

A super simple step often over complicated and overcharged by third party registrars.

Building Your Website

Selecting the best fonts, colours, crafting the best copywriting and creating dynamic image and motion graphics/assets to best showcase your work online. 

Publishing Your Website

Cutting the proverbial red ribbon to your sparkly new online studio.

Setting Up Social Media

Facilitating traffic to your new website. Letting the world know you're online.

Planning A Bespoke Marketing Strategy

What to share and what not to share.

Establishing A Presence on Google

Using Google's public tools to make sure you rank high on SERPs - meaning making sure you pop up when people search your name, profession or practice in Google's search bar.